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Labor Day at Shea

I went out to Shea Stadium today. I got to see where the first stages of construction on the new ballpark are taking place, which was kinda cool.

The construction made it necessary for the Mets to relocate the players’ parking lot. The new location leaves less room for autograph seekers, and pushes them back further from the players (at the old location, you were just behind a metal portable barricade; at the new location, you are behind a metal portable barricade behind a permanent concrete barricade.) I’m not sure how you’d hand something to a player who wanted to sign from his car, but since I didn’t manage to get anyone’s attention to get them to stop today, this was an academic point.

Manny Acta came by subway and did sign for me and one other collector (it was a small crowd today… I saw less than a dozen collectors, and they were mostly there for the Atlanta Braves.)

I figured I’d see a few Braves players that came in by subway… I spotted Kyle Davies, Joey Devine, and one or two others. It was a surprise that a lot of the players who came by cab were also stopping near the Shea Stadium subway entrance. I saw Ryan Langerhans, Brian McCann and a few others. I did ask McCann to sign for me, and he did (even though I was wearing my Mets gear.)

By this point, I was getting bored. It was a nice day, but I didn’t have a ticket yet (and I didn’t feel like sitting up in the upper deck), so I bailed around three.

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2 thoughts on “Labor Day at Shea

  1. Call me ignorant, but I had no idea that the Mets were building a new stadium. I wonder what it will look like.


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