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Baseball card show purchases

Today was the local baseball card show, and I walked away with a few nice things despite a relatively low turnout among the dealers.

Aside from the box of Upper Deck First Edition Update cards I picked up, I also bought three autographs and eliminated a name from my Mets autograph wantlist (only 326 more to go 🙂 )

First up, a Willie Collazo card from 2008 Topps Co-Signers. Collazo didn’t strike me as anything special in his time with the Mets in 2007 or 2008, but the price wasn’t that bad ($5) and I couldn’t remember if it was Collazo or Carlos Muniz that I still needed on a card picturing him in a Mets uniform. (Unfortunately, it turned out to be Carlos Muniz.) The card is fairly attractive, featuring a nice photo of Collazo… the dreaded sticker autograph detracts from the appeal to an extent, but it does fit in stylisticly with the rest of the card.

Next up, a Mike Cameron card from 2005 Fleer National Passtime, number 65/90. I always liked Cameron, and the price was right ($4). The card featuers a sticker autograph, but that’s really the only drawback.


Tug McGraw
Tug McGraw

Saving the best (and most expensive) for last, I got a Tug McGraw card from the 2001 Topps Archives set for $25. Tug is one of the legendary figures in Mets lore, so I’m happy to have his autograph in my collection.