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Topps Updates & Highlights Preview

Topps Updates & Highlights have been out for a week, and the set is already causing a fair amount of controversy.

I guess I’ll check around this weekend to see if the card shop (or any of the big box retailers) have any for me to buy.

Somebody else  can worry about the upside-down cards, prom queen politicians and the like.  I’m only concerned with one thing: how many Mets made it into the set?

A quick scan of the checklist reveals:

#UH012    Trot Nixon
#UH024    Tony Armas Jr.
#UH051    Fernando Tatis
#UH057    Ramon Castro *
#UH066    Robinson Cancel
#UH148    David Wright
#UH224    Angel Pagan *
#UH281    Chris Aguila
#UH328    Billy Wagner
#UH330    Johan Santana *

Ten Mets… not bad at all. I really didn’t need another David Wright or Billy Wagner, but NL Comeback Player of the Year Fernando Tatis makes up for it. I doubt anybody will be very excited to pull Chris Aguila or Robinson Cancel, but I’m happy they’re each getting a Mets card.

In addition to the base cards, there are also a variety of parallels (gold #’d to 2008,black #’d to 57 – hobby & HTA boxes only,  platinum 1/1, printing plates 1/1 – hobby boxes only.) One hundred cards, including at least three of the Mets, have mini silk versions #’d to 50 that are only found in hobby and HTA boxes

The silk cards look pretty slick, but I don’t really see the point of the other parallels.

Continue on after the break for a look at the Mets on the insert checklists…

Topps also included All-Star Game memorabilia cards. I’m not really that big a fan of the “game-used” cards, but I like these. Maybe I’ll be able to track down the regular versions of the two Mets?

All-Star Stitches (with gold parallel #’d to 50 and platinum parallel 1/1)

#ASS-DW    David Wright
#ASS-WW    Billy Wagner

All-Star Stitches Triple Relics (#’d to 25, hobby and HTA boxes only)

#ASST-WLW    Kerry Wood/Brad Lidge/Billy Wagner
#ASST-RWJ    Alex Rodriguez/David Wright/Chipper Jones

All-Star Jumbo Patches (#’d to 6, hobby & HTA boxes only)

#ASJP-DW    David Wright
#ASJP-WW    Billy Wagner

Topps is including a Ring of Honor set (which is also apparently affected by an error/gimmick). I’m not sure I see the point, really, but they’re trying to appeal to me by including a special New York Mets Ring of Honor insert set focusing on the 1986 World Series winners. Maybe I’ll collect these if they turn out to be common enough.

For some reason, Ray Knight made it into both the regular set and the Mets one.

Ring of Honor (autographed version also available)

#RH-RK    Ray Knight

New York Mets Ring of Honor (gold parallel #’d to 25, and autographed versions available)

#MRH-DG    Dwight Gooden
#MRH-DJ    Davey Johnson
#MRH-DS    Darryl Strawberry
#MRH-GC    Gary Carter
#MRH-HJ    Howard Johnson
#MRH-JO    Jesse Orosco
#MRH-KH    Keith Hernandez
#MRH-KM    Kevin Mitchell
#MRH-RD    Ron Darling
#MRH-RK    Ray Knight

Topps included original sketch cards this year. Some of them look quite slick, others not so much. Apparently players may have multiple sketch cards, which are each 1/1 ?

Sketch Cards (1/1, one per hobby case)

#SKC16    Carlos Beltran
#SKC32    David Wright
#SKC57    Johan Santana
#SKC61    Jose Reyes
#SKC82    Pedro Martinez

For some reason, there are more 2007 Year in Review cards in the 2008 Topps Updates & Highlights set. I’m not a happy camper at the thought of encountering more Tom Glavine cards…

Year in Review

#YR126    Tom Glavine
#YR128    Billy Wagner
#YR152    Tom Glavine
#YR153    Pedro Martinez
#YR176    Moises Alou

There’s another David Wright autograph (one of a very few stars in the Year in Review autograph set):

2008 Year in Review Autographs

#HA-DW    David Wright

And next year we get to watch the World Baseball Classis again, because Bud Selig tells us it’s fun. So Topps is getting an early start with some preview cards.

2009 World Baseball Classic Preview

#WBC6    Jose Reyes
#WBC14 Carlos Beltran
#WBC20 Johan Santana