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2 Packs of 2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes

I picked up a couple of retail packs of Upper Deck Baseball Heroes while I was out…. and I remembered why I don’t really buy packs all that often. For $3.98 (plus tax), I got:

Cole-Hamels Pack #1

Hanley Ramirez
Justin Morneau
Cole Hamels
Joe Blanton

I like the Baseball Heroes set design, which is how I got sucked into buying these. Cole Hamels and Hanley Ramirez are good players, but I don’t really collect either of them. Oh well, maybe the other pack will be better…

4-player Pack #2

Felix Hernandez
Jeff Francis
Jacoby Ellsbury
Felix Pie


Or maybe not. I picked the multi-player card to scan, since I don’t really have many cards with Roberto Clemente or Joe DiMaggio in my collection, but I really don’t like the design. On the other hand, none of the other cards in the pack was very exciting anyway.

Both packs included a $1.49 Target coupon for a 2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes blaster box. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a coupon in a wax pack before… too bad it wasn’t for something I’d be more interested in buying.

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