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In the mailbox – waterlogged edition

The rain that messed up last night’s World Series game in Philadelphia got to me around midnight, and managed to make today a pretty miserable day.

Due to some sort of blockage of the storm sewers near my street, my basement flooded today. At the high point, it looked like somewhere between four and six inches of water – not a pleasant sight. The storm sewer has since been unblocked, and the worst of the water has been pumped out. It’s going to take a while to clean up all the mess.

In comparison, the couple of ink spots on the border of the John Pacella card that came in today’s mail really aren’t a big deal at all.

Pro Tip: use ballpoint pens when addressing envelopes, SASEs or writing letters. Unlike fancy gel or felt-tip pens, ballpoint ink doesn’t run when a drop of water lands on it.