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Upper Deck SP Authentic

Upper Deck released SP Authentic this month. The set doesn’t appear all that exciting, but maybe that’s because I’m getting sick and I’m tired from the basement cleanup project.

The highlight of SP Authentic is that it has an average of three autographed cards per 24-pack box. With packs priced at $4.99 MSRP,  you’ve got a semi-affordable 1-in-8 chance of getting an autograph. 

Unfortunately, the Mets are very under-represented in the autographed cards included in SP Authentic.

Here’s a look at the Mets featured in the checklist:

SP Authentic

Base Set

17 Carlos Beltran
26 Jose Reyes
38 David Wright
60 Pedro Martinez
67 Johan Santana

The base set doesn’t look bad, but the design really doesn’t stand out, either. It’s just a generic Upper Deck SP card. I can’t fault the player selection too much (Carlos Delgado may have been a better choice than Pedro Martinez, though.) I would have liked to see Mike Pelfrey or Daniel Murphy instead, but the checklist was likely set too early for them to be options.

Gold Parallel
17 Carlos Beltran (50)
26 Jose Reyes (50)
38 David Wright (50)
60 Pedro Martinez (50)
67 Johan Santana (50)

I’m not a big fan of parallel cards, but at least these are limited enough to feel a bit special if you pull one.

Authentic Achievements
AA-13 Johan Santana
AA-17 Jose Reyes
AA-25 David Wright
AA-31 Pedro Martinez
AA-44 Billy Wagner

Billy Wagner replaces Carlos Beltran; otherwise it’s the same lineup from the base set. Another typical Upper Deck design, too. With an average of one insert per pack, I’d guess that these and the Marquee Matchups cards turn up with a fair amount of frequency.

By the Letter Autographs
BL-BW Billy Wagner (125)

Billy Wagner is one of two Mets to put a pen to cardboard (or cloth) for this card set. It’s not Upper Deck’s fault that Wagner’s Mets career ended before the product got released, but it does take away some of the fun. 

Chirography Triple Signatures
CT-HHM Felix Hernandez/Cole Hamels/John Maine (25)

I’m not going to ask why Felix Hernandez is sharing this card with two NL East pitchers… mainly because I’ll never see one outside of eBay.

Marquee Matchups
MM-6 David Wright/John Smoltz
MM-21 Pedro Martinez/Hanley Ramirez
MM-25 Johan Santana/Andruw Jones
MM-27 Pedro Martinez/Ryan Howard
MM-28 David Wright/Cole Hamels
MM-29 Johan Santana/Chipper Jones
MM-30 Billy Wagner/Mark Texieira
MM-32 Jose Reyes/Tom Glavine
MM-34 Johan Santana/Alex Rodriguez
MM-36 Johan Santana/Ryan Howard
MM-39 Carlos Beltran/Cole Hamels
MM-46 David Wright/Jake Peavy
MM-49 Pedro Martinez/Alex Rodriguez

Who thought up these Marquee Matchup cards? The design isn’t terrible, but the concept is. I do not want Atlanta Braves, Philadelphia Phillies or New York Yankees on my Mets cards. I’m sure the Atlanta, Philadelphia, Florida, and Yankees fans feel the same way about the Mets players. I suppose I’ll be thankful for small favors that Jimmy Rollins and Derek Jeter don’t show up on any of the cards featuring Mets.

Sign of the Times Dual Signatures
ST2-NW Joe Nathan/Billy Wagner (74)

Another odd dual autograph pairing. This one’s for sale on eBay with a $0.99 opening bid.

I can’t imagine buying any packs or boxes of SP Authentic. I doubt I’ll even go out of my way to pick up the Mets players as singles.