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Card of the Day: 1999 Topps Carlos Beltran Autograph

 I finally have a Carlos Beltran autograph in my collection. This 1999 Topps insert doesn’t feature the best design or the best photo in the world, but it does have a nice, on-the-card autograph from Carlos Beltran.

According to the card back, 

Carlos was an impressive enough talent to make the leap from Double-A to the Major Leagues, where he was an immediate star, offensively and defensively. Late in one 1999 game, he threw out the tying run at the plate, then logged the game-winning RBI.

I have no idea about the production run on this card, but it must have been relatively high. I won it for $7.50 from eBay seller wunkin. Sure, I’d prefer an autographed Mets card, but the various Royals cards Beltran signed early in his career are far more available.


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