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1992 Barry Colla All-Stars

mark-mcgwireThis month’s local baseball card show was today. I’m not sure if it’s the economy or the time of year, but there haven’t been as many dealers at the shows this year.

I think I finished my 2009 Topps Series 1 Mets team set (is there a complete checklist online anywhere yet?) and I’m one away from completing the base Upper Deck Series 1 Mets team set, though I still have a number of the inserts to look for.

I’ll show off the rest of those 2009 Mets cards and a few vintage ones that I picked up later this week. The most interesting table looked like it was transported directly from an early 1990s baseball card show. 

Remember those old Star company sets that were produced for players like Bo Jackson and Gary Sheffield? He had them. Fleer Star Sticker sets? Had ’em. Old factory sets? Yep, including a 1991 Donruss set that still had the Leaf Preview cards enclosed. To complete the effect, the marked prices were ones you would have expected to pay in the early 1990s, but everything on the table was 70 percent off.

I bought a 1992 Barry Colla All-Star set, which is #5559 of 25,000 produced, for $6. The 24-card set features a number of Hall-of-Famers, potential future Hall-of-Famers and a trio of infamous would-be Hall-of-Famers along with a few guys that just happened to have a few good seasons.

Barry Colla was known for baseball portrait photography in the late 80s/early 90s, so I was a little bit diappointed by the photo quality on some of these cards.

There are some great ones, like Wade Boggs and Chuck Knoblauch. But there are some real disappointments like Ryne Sandberg, too.

wade-boggs chuck-knoblauch ryne-sandberg

Most of the shots fall somewhere in the middle. It was fun to take a stroll along memory lane.

jose-canseco cal-ripken-jr

barry-bonds dennis-eckersley ken-griffey-jr1