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2010 Batting Practice Caps

Major League Baseball is updating their batting practice caps in 2010, and the new ones are on sale at (Thanks to for the tip.)

I’ve never been wild about the black NY logo that the Mets use on their BP cap, but this year’s design is an improvement on the one they wore for the last few years. The black trim on the bill looks better than the black semi-circles above the ears on the old caps.

Between this and the new alternate jersey, the well-dressed Met fan has some shopping to do.

I think I’ll just settle for getting a new blue Mets cap… I’d like one without any fancy commemorative logos that I can wear with my Tom Seaver and Darryl Strawberry throwback jerseys.

4 thoughts on “2010 Batting Practice Caps

  1. I saw the Royals new ones at Fanfest on Friday and I do like them. As for the semi-circles, they are now on the back of the cap and they go around the MLB logo. At least that is how the Royals are.


  2. I really don’t care for the black version of the NY logo the Mets use on their BP caps.

    I do own the 2005 version because I went to a day game without a cap and that was the only hat I could find in a Shea gift shop that fit me.

    @Zach – the Royals seemed to do ok. My favorite of the new designs is Texas. I do not like Tampa Bay’s, Philadelphia’s or the Yankees’ road caps at all.


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