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For love of the obscure

While I was at the Mets game on Monday, I found myself looking through the rack of game-used jerseys for sale. There were a lot of silly prices — for example, is anyone really prepared to pay $350 for a jersey worn by Sean Green? But it amuses me to flip through them to play “remember when?”

When I got to the batting practice jerseys, I saw one that had been issued to Brian Stokes that had a $75 price tag. Most of the others were unmarked, so when I came to this Robinson Cancel jersey I decided to ask.

Fifty dollars. Ok, I can afford that. I’m sure there are smarter things I could have done with that money, but if I hadn’t gotten the jersey most of it would have gone to the Mets anyway for a ticket to Sunday’s game. This way, I get a new game jersey for my collection instead of a Jason Bay bobblehead.

This batting practice jersey dates to Cancel’s brief stint with the Mets from July 30 to Aug. 2 last year, when he was called up to provide catching depth. During the spring he had been wearing number 4, but Charlie Samuels decided to give him number 29 for his second season with the Mets.

Cancel did not have a long tenure in New York, but the Ninja Turtle was a fun part of the 2008 team. His batting practice jersey will hang in my collection with my signed 2007 home white Alay Soler jersey and my unsigned 1988 Jeff Innis road jersey. If Johan Santana has another great game on Sunday like he did last night, I may end up regretting my decision. For now, though, I’m pretty happy with it.

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  1. I see that former Newark Bear Cory Aldrige has been called up by the California/ Anaheim/ Los Angeles Angels.


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