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2010 New Britain Rock Cats Checklist Question

Ok, here’s an off-topic question. Does anybody know where I can find a checklist for the 2010 New Britain Rock Cats team set?

I was given  a partial set – I’ve got 31 of 32 cards. They are unnumbered and there is no checklist, so I’m not sure who I’m missing.

The team website isn’t very helpful, and while one eBay seller includes a card list – it’s not very accurate. One player is listed twice and it’s missing a couple of the cards that I actually have.

Here are the 30 cards I do have:

  • Henry Arias – P
  • Santos Arias – P
  • Joe Benson – OF
  • David Bromberg – P
  • Stu Cliburn – Coach
  • Estarlin de los Santos – IF
  • Cole Devries – P
  • Marc Dolenc – OF
  • Toby Gardenhire – IF
  • Kyle Gibson – P
  • Deolis Guerra – P
  • Carlos Gutierrez – P
  • Rudy Hernandez – Coach
  • Steve Hirschfeld – P
  • Chad Jackson – Trainer
  • Danny Lehmann – C
  • Michael McCardell – P
  • Yancarlos Ortiz – IF
  • Chris Parmalee – IF
  • Juan Portes – IF
  • Chris Province – P
  • Ben Revere – OF
  • Whit Robbins – IF
  • Steve Singleton – IF
  • Jeff Smith – MGR
  • Alexander Soto – C
  • Spencer Steedley – P
  • Rene Tosoni – OF
  • Joe Testa – P
  • Loek Van Mil – P
  • Rock Cats Broadcast Team

I remain clueless about the possible identity of the 32nd card.

10 thoughts on “2010 New Britain Rock Cats Checklist Question

  1. While I don’t have any information to help you, isn’t this a pain to deal with? I’ve had troubles figuring this out for various Orioles Minor League sets over the years.


    1. Yes – baseball cards should always be numbered. (Though I can think of a few Topps sets where that didn’t make them any less confusing.)


  2. Paul;

    My Brother went up to New Britian on Satruday and picked me up a set for my Birthday. I just counted the cards and the set, including the trainer and the broadcast team, contain 32 cards. Hopefully, the two cards you are missing are the aforementioned ones.



    1. Thanks for the confirmation. I believe I’m missing Rene Tosoni and one other player card. For posterity (i.e. Google), I’ll put up the best checklist I can for the set later.


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