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Game #44: Bears Blast York 10-6

Ramon Castro P1050063
Ramon Castro

Baseball season is winding down. So it was nice to spend an evening with my friend Bart watching the Newark Bears beat up on the York Revolution’s depleted pitching staff.

The Revolution actually took a 1-0 lead in the first inning, thanks in part to some poor defense by the Bears.

The Bears shelled York starter Jeremy Lewis in the second, running off seven consecutive hits and scoring six runs. According to the York game notes, the seven consecutive hits allowed were a team record.

Of course, it wouldn’t have happened without a terrible official scoring call. Carl Everett hit a routine liner to left field that went off James Shanks’ glove. I bet even he would tell you that it should have been scored an error.

Mike Loree P1050062
Mike Loree

With the game well in hand, Bears starter Mike Loree cruised until the seventh, when Jose Herrera’s 10th home run of the season drove him from the game. It was a strange homer. It appeared to bounce off of something — either the top of the wall or maybe James Cooper’s glove — before going out.

Will Cunnane came on in relief and gave up another run before ending the inning, making the score 9-6. I turned to Bart and predicted that Newark would find a way to lose the game.

Fortunately, I was wrong. Greg Reinhard pitched a shaky, but scoreless, eighth and Armando Benitez closed out the victory in the ninth.

With 24 games remaining, the Bears trail the Somerset Patriots by 6.5 games. The two teams do not have any games remaining against each other. The Bears have to play seven games against the Bridgeport Bluefish and the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs, the only other teams in the Atlantic League with winning records in the second half. Worse, they have two doubleheaders scheduled.

The Bears’ playoff picture looks a little brighter than the Mets’, but I don’t think either team will still be playing once the last regular season game ends.


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6 thoughts on “Game #44: Bears Blast York 10-6

  1. So what do you think are the chances that the Bears are playing baseball in 2011? My guess…not that good.


    1. I wouldn’t count them out, but I wouldn’t encourage anyone to put down 2011 ticket deposits either.

      I am planning to make the trip to Camden on Sept. 19 to see the final game of the season.


  2. I’ve been hearing about a ballpark being built in Yonkers for years. Supposedly, it’s almost completed (as per my Brother’s co-worker who lives near “it”) but I could not find recent information about it. If the ballpark is completed, then I imagine the Bears will move there.


    1. I’m confident that the Bears will not be moving anywhere before their lease in Newark is up. (Though that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t fold and be replaced by a new team. There has been a fair amount of recent talk about the Atlantic League expanding into Virginia.)


  3. Are the Bergen Cliffhawks that were supposed to have a ballpark at the boondoggle called XANDAU! offically dead?

    Do you know when Bears’ lease is up?


    1. I believe the Bears’ lease lasts through 2012, but I’m not positive.

      I think the Cubs have a better chance of winning a World Series than anything connected with Xanadu has of ever coming to be.


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