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Game #45: R.A. Dickey leads the Mets to victory

Player of the Game

Sunday was my ninth game at CitiField this year. The Mets are 3-6 when I go see them play. (They are 33-19 when I stay home.)

R.A. Dickey – my pick for the 2010 Mets MVP – led them to victory and broke a four-game losing streak for the Mets at games I attend.

Sunday felt like the last little bit of summer. We finally got back into the upper-80s after a stretch of fall-like days. The Mets were playing their final home game before the U.S. Open exiles them from Flushing until Sept. 10. By the time they get back, kids will be back in school and I would not be at all surprised if fall weather has settled in.

RA Dickey
R.A. Dickey

But for all that, it was fun to watch R.A. Dickey pitch. It was even more fun to watch him hit – I have more confidence in his ability to drive in runs than I do in some of the position players.

Despite some recent comments that led me to expect otherwise, all of the Mets employees I dealt with today were pleasant. One usher even went out of his way to catch up with me and return the giveaway teddy bear that he saw fall out of my bag.

I think this was my last trip to CitiField for 2010. But who knows? If Jenrry Mejia finds his way into the rotation, I’d kinda like to be there to see one of his starts. And if StubHub ticket prices keep falling, I can’t see myself staying away during the final homestand when that’s going to be my last chance to go to a game until next spring.

My photos from the game are on Flickr.

On an unrelated note, I’d like to thank Shannon over at MetsPolice for the links he gave me over the weekend.


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3 thoughts on “Game #45: R.A. Dickey leads the Mets to victory

  1. Benny Ayala ; in august 27 / 1974 at Shea stadium against Houston astros picher Tom Griffin . I hit a home run and became the first player in Mets history to achieve that . At the moment I do have the original bat of the achievement . And I think that maybe shoul be at the Mets museum as part of the NYM history . At the moment I am willing to donate the bat for the Mets museum and if any budy from the Mets organization or the museum can let me know if any interest to start the proper move towards the donation from my part .


  2. Sorry I should say in.the very firt at bat in the bigs leagues I hit a home run playing for the NYM


    1. Benny, I think it would be great if the bat you used to hit your first major league home run was on display in the Mets Hall of Fame.

      Unfortunately, I don’t have any contacts with the Mets. Maybe one of my readers can help?


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