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Hardball Is Back

Hardball is BackI’m excited about Jeff Torborg, Bobby Bonilla and Eddie Murray – I think the Mets will do great things in 1992!

Well, even though it didn’t quite work out that way, that’s really what I was thinking when I got this pre-season ticket sales brochure around this time 19 years ago. (I found it when I was going through some old baseball memorabilia over the weekend.)

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In 1992, you could have had tickets to all 28 weekend games at Shea for $336 per seat. Adjusting for inflation, that’s $522.22 in 2010 dollars.

In 2011, we don’t have weekend plans… we have Weekend Plus packages, Saturday Plus packages and Sunday plus packages. The Saturday and Sunday packages get you 10 games on the selected day, plus 5 weekday games. The Weekend package gives you 6 weekend games and 9 weekday games.

The Saturday Plus and Sunday Plus packages both start at $306 per seat; the Weekend Plus plan starts at $284.40 since it has fewer weekend games.

Nice to see the progress, eh?

2 thoughts on “Hardball Is Back

  1. not to defend the Mets or anything, but numbers are all about how you present them. In 1992 the Mets had the highest payroll in baseball at approx 40 million. In 2011 the payroll will be approx 120 million 3x more then in 1992. So to keep in pace with the rising cost of payroll then that weekend package in 1992 could cost around $1000 in 2011 ( if they had it ) Im not defending the prices in anyway. I think prices are way to high compared to other teams around the league. But maybe us fans are a little to blame always wanting more and in order to do that teams had to spend more for players to make sure they got em.


  2. Sure, I didn’t bring up payroll or the rate at which it increased.

    I also didn’t bring up non-ticket revenue – I imagine that the Wilpon family gets a bigger share of money from SNY than they did from WWOR & SportsChannel.

    The number of seats at CitiField vs. the number of seats at Shea probably has more to do with the way the Mets set ticket prices than either of those factors.


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