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Your chance to get autographs from Herm Winningham & other obscure former Mets

Chris Potter Sports sent out an email on Friday to promote a slate of March autograph signing opportunities.

There are several former Mets among the players listed: Joe Ginsberg, Jim Fregosi, Tom Paciorek, Herm Winningham, Bill Short, Rafael Santana and Tom Reynolds.

For the most part, these guys have been good about signing autographs through the mail for their fans. However, if you need Winningham, Santana or Paciorek to sign anything, this is a good opportunity.


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3 thoughts on “Your chance to get autographs from Herm Winningham & other obscure former Mets

  1. Chris has really come through for me with some tough O’s signers over the past few years. I’m in on his Lou Piniella signing this month and am looking forward to adding Juan Guzman on an Orioles card next month.


  2. Do these guys not really do shows? I need the Santana for my 86 collection. I would really prefer to get it in person, but I dont want to miss an opportunity to get his autograph at a lower cost then what I would pay if I went to show and had to get it from a dealer.


    1. Some of the private signings offered by Chris Potter Sports are done in conjunction with autograph shows. Others are true private signings that are not open to the public. I’m not sure which category Santana falls into because I haven’t started looking at March shows yet… I was just happy to have a chance to get Herm Winningham’s autograph in my collection and off my wantlist.


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