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Recommended Reading: Maple Street Press 2011 Mets Annual

Mets history
Photo credit: Paul Hadsall

On Friday, I received a free publisher-provided review copy of the Maple Street Press 2011 Mets Annual. The 128-page magazine includes everything you’d expect in a season preview – Mets stats, player bios, projections & schedules. Toby Hyde offers a ranking of the top prospects in the Mets farm system and an analysis of the 2010 draft. Ted Berg talks about the other National League teams. Mercifully, we’re spared a recap of the 2010 Mets season.

The magazine offers some unexpected gems. Jon Springer lists some of the more unusual injuries in Mets history. (Did you know that Sherman Jones missed starting the first game in Mets history because of a scratched cornea caused by a freak cigarette-lighting injury?) Paul Lukas has some Mets uniform trivia. John Moorehouse writes about 30 years of Kingsport Mets history.

There’s the obligatory article about the 25th anniversary of the 1986 World Championship season (which at least includes some photos I haven’t seen before, like a great shot of Mookie Wilson holding a giant champagne bottle in the Mets clubhouse.)

Greg Prince and Jason Fry provide articles about two solemn moments in Mets history – the death of minor league outfielder Brian Cole and the first baseball game following the 9/11 attacks – which are both fascinating reading.

The Maple Street Press annual tries to offer something for every Mets fan, and I think it succeeds.


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