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Deja vu is setting in

With over three weeks left before Opening Day, it’s too soon to press the panic button.

Oliver Perez (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)

The signs are pointing to another frustrating season in Queens, though. Oliver Perez struggled through his third mediocre spring training appearance yesterday, but it doesn’t look like the front office is ready to cut ties with him just yet.

After playing in one game this weekend as a DH, Carlos Beltran is sidelined for the rest of the week because his left knee is bothering him. (Beltran missed time last year because of his right knee, though he’s had surgery on both during his career.)

The Mets are still indicating that their All-Star outfielder will be ready to start the season, but who knows? With each setback — no matter how minor — it becomes less likely that we’ll ever see the Carlos Beltran of old again.

It feels like 2010 all over again.

To add further insult, the Mets have apparently instituted a new mailing fee on online ticket orders. It never made sense that the team mailed out ticket orders, yet charged a fee if you wanted to use the print-at-home ticket option. I just naively hoped they’d deal with it by eliminating the silly print-at-home ticket fee.

At least Jason Isringhausen is continuing to pitch well and seems to have a real shot to make the team. So there’s my spring training bright spot, I guess.

One other bright spot came courtesy of the mailman and Mets collector Dave Berman. I was able to purchase eight more Mets autographs for my collection, chopping my wantlist down to 141 names. I now have signed cards for 84% of the Mets all-time roster.

6 thoughts on “Deja vu is setting in

    1. I’m not really worried about Perez making the team… but can’t we move on already? He’s not suited to the bullpen, so why drag things out for another week or two?


  1. Yeah, I hear ya. But I guess, for $12 million whether he pitches or not, I guess it’s worth finding out if he can get a couple of lefties out per game out of the bullpen before eating that contract.


  2. The Royals also added a mailing fee this year. I wonder if this is a team thing or a thing. I think my fee was $3 or $3.50. How much was yours?

    I love the Chapman card! That is a hard uniform to beat.


    1. It’s a $4 mailing fee with the Mets. I bought a 5-game flex pack to get Opening Day & they waived all the ticket fees on that.

      Yesterday was my first shot at a pre-sale – I wanted to get tickets for the Ike Davis bobblehead giveaway, but decided not to because of the fees ($4 mailing, $5 per order, $6 per ticket).

      I’m sure I’ll still be able to get them at the advance ticket window when I go out to the ballpark next month.


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