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Opening Opening Day Cards Is Fun

2011 Topps Opening Day wrapper

While some baseball card bloggers were finding packs of Topps Heritage cards today, I had to get by with the older stuff. I came home with a blister package containing four Topps Series 1 packs and a Diamond Giveaway code card, and four packs of Topps Opening Day.

There was nothing really special in the Series 1 packs, but Opening Day is actually a fun baseball card set.

For $1.06 (including tax), you get seven baseball cards.Sure, I remember getting twice as many cards for half as much when I was a kid, but this is the best you’re going to do in 2011 thanks to inflation and higher licensing costs.

2011 Topps Opening Day David Wright
2011 Topps Opening Day Ike Davis

I got a couple of Mets cards – David Wright and Ike Davis. I’m already doing better than when I bought my first baseball cards of 2011.

There would be a bigger “wow” factor if they weren’t virtually identical to their Series 1 counterparts. At least Topps ditched the foil, making player names easier to read.

Opening Day’s strength is its inserts. Series one has the sparkly foil parallels, which seem popular with many collectors. The rest of the inserts are boring (I got a reprint of a 2008 Johnny Cueto card in one of my packs today) or don’t really fit the theme of the set (Kimball minis)

The spot the error cards are geared towards younger card collectors, but they’re still entertaining for adults. (Though I think I goofed ad scanned the same side of Mr. Jeter’s card twice.)

2011 Topps Opening Day Stadium Lights Robinson Cano card

The Stadium Lights cards look pretty neat under normal conditions, but they actually glow in the dark. Again, it’s a gimmick geared towards the younger collectors. The young at heart still think it’s fun, too. I almost didn’t mind that I got a Yankee card. πŸ™‚

Mascot cards! I got Wally the Green Monster and Paws. (Does Wally remind anybody else of the old Scranton Wilkes Barre Red Barons mascot, The Grump? They both remind me of a certain Seasme Street denizen.) I’d like to collect the full set of mascots, but I doubt that I will.

2011 Topps Opening Day Superstar Celebrations Matt Garza

This is the most “boring” of the inserts, and I’ll certainly quibble with anyone who tries to convince me that Matt Garza is a superstar. However, it commemorates Garza’s no-hitter and the photo looks like it might actually be from that game. That automatically elevates the card’s “cool’ level.

Maybe it was luck of the draw, but I had more fun with the Opening Day cards than I did with Topps Series 1 this year. (The Yankees are for trade, so if anybody wants them feel free to ask.)

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    1. I saw them mentioned on the wrapper, but I didn’t get any in my packs. Do they use a photo of the President throwing the first pitch, or did they rely on generic shots?


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