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Apparently lowering ticket prices means it’s ok to raise ticket fees

According to a report at Ticket News by Alfred Branch Jr., the Mets raised their convenience and processing fees this year even as they lowered some ticket prices.

Chris Jaffe of The Hardball Times breaks down the fees charged by all 30 teams, and the Mets charge the second-highest price – $10.50. Only the Red Sox charge more at $11.25; the Brewers have the lowest fee – $2.50.

The Mets are the only team that charges to mail your tickets to you, though amazingly enough all 30 teams charge to print your own tickets at home. I’m still scratching my head at that one.

If you don’t want to pay the Mets’ ticket fees, my advice is to wait and get your tickets at the gameday sales window at Citi Field. The fees don’t currently apply to tickets purchased at the ballpark. Of course, who knows whether that will still be true next year?