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2011 Topps Series 2 Mets

2011 Topps Carlos Beltran card from my collection

2011 Topps Series 2 Baseball Cards started showing up at retail stores this week, and yesterday I picked up a $20 box of them from Target. I did better than usual at picking a box with Mets in it.

First up is a rather “artsy” Carlos Beltran card. For some reason, I thought Beltran had been in the first series, so I wasn’t looking for him here. I’m not really crazy about the photo of a guy in a black “Beltran 15” jersey taking a swing.

There are 11 Mets in the series two set:

  • Jose Reyes 380
  • Chris Capuano 404
  • Brad Emaus 427
  • Francisco Rodriguez 486
  • Carlos Beltran  515
  • Mike Nickeas 523
  • Mike Pelfrey 542
  • Chris Young 580
  • Daniel Murphy 607
  • Ruben Tejada 625
  • Pedro Beato 639

2011 Topps Mike Nickeas card from my collection
It’s nice that Nickeas gets a Mets card all to himself (he had previously appeared with three other catchers on a short printed rookie card in the Heritage set.) However, I would have been more happy to see it if it came out when Nickeas was still on the team.
2011 Topps Chris Capuano card from my collection
I did not expect to see a Chris Capuano Mets card. I’m impressed.
2011 Topps Diamond Anniversary Pedro Beato card from my collection
And here’s a sparkly Pedro Beato card – I did not expect to see his first Mets card until the update series came out in the fall.
2011 Topps Kimball Champions Gary Carter card from my collection
But this Gary Carter Kimball Champions card is my favorite from the box. It’s nice enough to make me overlook my dislike of mini cards.
2011 Topps Ian Kinsler Throwback Manufactured Patch Card up for trade
My “Throwback Manufactured Patch Card” is Ian Kinsler. If there’s a Kinsler or Rangers fan out there that wants it, please let me know – I’ll trade it for almost anything.
Have you picked up any packs of Topps Series 2 baseball cards yet?

4 thoughts on “2011 Topps Series 2 Mets

  1. Love that Gary Carter card. If you get any Doubles of it let me know, I would surely love to make an offer and take it off your hands for you 🙂 lol


  2. Glad to see Emaus gets a Mets card, even if I’m just as happy that he isn’t with them anymore. Now we need Paulino, Turner, Harris, Pridie and Hairston (to name but a few).


    1. I think we might get Paulino in the update series, and maybe Turner. I’d be surprised if the outfield trio makes the cut – baseball cards are all about rookies & stars, after all. LOL


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