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It’s official: Jose Reyes is on the DL

Jose Reyes
Jose Reyes (photo credit: slgckgc)

The Mets made it official, putting Jose Reyes on the 15-day DL this afternoon.

I’m happy they’re resisting the temptation to rush him back, but I’m a little concerned by ESPN Deports’ report (English version) that he’ll miss at least three weeks. After all, it’s not like the Mets have been good about estimating return dates – every time I hear David Wright‘s name I think I’m stuck in a remake of Waiting for Godot.

Such is life.

On the bright side, with the arrival of Nick Evans I can now stop wondering if Terry Collins would ask Scott Hairston to try playing first base so he could have another right-handed bat in the lineup tonight.

In related news, Kevin Kernan reports that Sandy Alderson is listening to offers for Carlos Beltran and Francisco Rodriguez. I hate the idea of breaking up this year’s team when they’ve done their best to overcome all the setbacks they’ve faced. The Mets are fun to watch again — they really haven’t been since 2006 or 2007.

But no matter how much they win, the Mets are not gaining ground in the wild card race. They are tied with Pittsburgh and trail Atlanta by 7 games. Arizona and Milwaukee are both in front of the Mets. The Nationals trail them by just a half-game.

The odds are against the Mets, and reinforcements aren’t coming in time to matter.

Sometimes, you just have to acknowledge that there’s nothing to be done.

Hopefully Alderson can maneuver to improve the Mets’ odds for 2012.