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Thoughts on the All-Star Game & other stuff

Prince Fielder
Prince Fielder (Photo credit: Steve Paluch)

Prince Fielder blasted a three-run homer off of C.J. Wilson to lead the NL to victory in last night’s All-Star Game, then immediately came out of the game (seemingly so he could be interviewed by a FOX sideline reporter.)

I think it would have been more fun to see if Fielder could have hit another homer the next time he came up, but Bruce Bochy wanted to be sure everybody got to play. There was enough lineup-shuffling that 41 of 42 position players and 19 of 26 pitchers got into the game, if I kept accurate count. I understand the sentiment, but I’d rather see a return to the old days when starters played most of the game.

For all the fuss about players skipping out on the All-Star Game, 79 of the 84 that were selected made the trip to Arizona. Chipper Jones and Alex Rodriguez just had surgery, and CC Sabathia was a last-minute replacement who had to be immediately replaced himself because he started on Sunday. That just leaves Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera. I’m sure both players did benefit from a three-day mental and physical break. I’m sure that the 79 players that went to the All-Star Game would have benefited as well. Jeter and Rivera are often looked up to as examples of what baseball players should be like, but in this instance I’m glad more didn’t follow in their footsteps.

If you haven’t had your fill of All-Star Games, MLB Network will be showing the Triple-A All-Star Game tonight. If you just want to see regular baseball, SNY is showing the Brooklyn Cyclones game.

David Wright (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)

In other news,the Mets are likely to be the next National League team to host an All-Star Game according to a report on Mets Blog. Somehow, I think I’ll be priced out of going so I’ll be listening to the FOX gang complain about the ballpark dimensions from home. 🙂

David Wright could begin playing rehab games for the St. Lucie Mets on Friday, according to a report by Adam Rubin. I’m sure there were a bunch of Mets fans who hoped he rehab with Brooklyn, but the important thing is to get him back on the field.

The Mets’ local television ratings are down, according to a report in Sports Business Journal Daily. I don’t get it – they’ve been fun to watch most of the season. I guess I’ll just blame the Nielsen ratings process – does anyone who’s ever had their favorite show cancelled really believe in it?

And for some reason, Shannon at Mets Police is wondering if there’s any way to do a Mets home run derby… I don’t understand the appeal in the first place, but the concept is especially comical when you remember that Ike Davis is the only real power hitter on the team.

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    1. I think the Mets & Brewers were still finalizing the deal at the end of the game… it would have helped liven things up, though.


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