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Él no está aquí

Newark Bears pitching coach Jim Leyritz (center) talks to starter Casey Gaynor on Wednesday night (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)

If it hasn’t already, the trade of Carlos Beltran should be finalized today. For nearly seven years he’s been a Met, and now he’s not. I’m happy for him – I think Beltran will have a chance to win that World Series ring that’s eluded him out in San Francisco. How perfect would it be to watch Beltran send the Phillies or the Yankees home unhappy in the playoffs this October?

I was beginning to doubt Sandy Alderson‘s negotiating strategy, but I was proven wrong again. I was afraid he’d lose the chance to get something of value for Beltran by holding out for a top prospect, but Alderson was able to get a young pitcher who is more highly regarded than anybody already in the Mets’ farm system. I’m feeling really positive about the 2013 Mets. (The jury is still out on next year’s team.)

I couldn’t take another night of listening to Gary and Keith speculate about Beltran’s future while watching Mike Pelfrey struggle through another game, so I went to watch Newark Bears on Wednesday instead. I’m sure Beltran was still very much topic of the evening, but Pelfrey pitched the fourth complete game of his career as the Mets defeated the Reds 8-2. Maybe I should skip watching a few more Mets games. 🙂

(In case anyone’s curious, the Bears battled back from a 4-1 deficit to beat the New York Federals 8-4.)

Will you be rooting for the San Francisco Giants in the playoffs this year?

5 thoughts on “Él no está aquí

    1. I agree, though former catcher Dave Duncan may be the best pitching coach of our generation.

      It’s less odd than a number of indy league teams that employ a veteran pitcher as a player/coach though – I’ve never quite figured out how a person can really embrace both roles.


    1. One that was intended for Mets fans reading my blog. 🙂

      Though with the Dodgers just as out of the playoff picture as the Metsies, who will you be cheering for in October?


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