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Punchless Mets Fail To Hold My Attention

Once upon a time, the 2011 Mets were “must see TV.”

I still watch most of the games, but for the past few weeks I’ve usually been reading a book while giving Gary, Keith and /or Ron a fraction of my attention.

For most of August, I read George R.R. Martin‘s epic fantasy series “A Song of Ice and Fire,” starting with A Game of Thrones. I finished the most recent book, A Dance With Dragons, shortly after Labor Day. Then it was on to Jim Butcher‘s latest Harry Dresden novel, Ghost Story. Appropriately, that kept me entertained as the Mets played the Chicago Cubs this past weekend.

Unfortunately, by tonight I was down to Kindle books that I “purchased” from Amazon mainly because they were free. And even though I didn’t find anything that held my attention past the first chapter, they were still more compelling than the Mets’ game.

I’m not going to complain about David Wright‘s errors – though six errors in a week is certainly not acceptable. I’m not going to start trying to analyze the mechanics of a rundown play, since I’m not remotely qualified to say how they should be handled.

What’s the point of nitpicking any of this stuff when the Mets’ lineup gets three lousy hits off of Ross Detwiler?

I hope for better tomorrow night – either from the Mets or perhaps a hidden gem in the Kindle freebie downloads. 🙂