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A 1997 Flair Showcase Legacy Bernard Gilkey card

I found myself at the local baseball card shop today to pick up some supplies. As all collectors know, supplies are a boring (if necessary) purchase.

So when I noticed a shoebox of late 90s & early 00s inserts, I looked through it to see if I could find anything more interesting. I passed up a bunch of Mark McGwire stuff and a few Mike Piazza cards that didn’t really appeal to me, but I came home with this:



Bernard Gilkey might not be remembered with the same fondness as Darryl Strawberry or even Dave Kingman, but in 1996 he had one of the best offensive seasons in Mets history. He batted .317 with 30 home runs, 117 RBI, 17 stolen bases. He hit 44 doubles, setting a single season team record that still stands.

I wasn’t actively collecting baseball cards in 1997, so I don’t remember Fleer’s Flair Showcase set. If it was set up like the way Old School Box Breaks describes the 1998 set, it must have been a pain to collect. The Legacy Collection parallels are serial numbered to 100 and seem to retain a somewhat high asking price when they come up for sale. Mine cost $1.

So that’s the latest addition to my Mets baseball card collection… now it’s time to get back to sorting cards.