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Some vintage Mets baseball cards & an off-season project

A couple of weeks ago, I picked up some vintage Mets cards at the local baseball card show.

Some Seavers:

Some rookies:

And a guy who never actually played a game for the Mets:

I also picked up a Mets-related card:

I have no idea if I needed any of them. I think I did, but I was relying on my memory. I had won a $20 gift certificate door prize, and I needed to pick out something from one of the two dealers that brought baseball stuff. So I got these and a few random autographs & relic cards.

It’s well past time I collect all of the little card boxes and toploaders that are scattered about and put them into some kind of order. My goal this winter is to put together a few albums, with spaces for every Topps and Topps Traded card from John DeMerit‘s 1962 card to Pedro Beato‘s 2011 card.

Tom Seaver’s rookie card, some early Nolan Ryans and some 1960s high numbers may elude me for awhile, but my goal is to get as many of the Topps Mets cards as I can. Hopefully it will keep me occupied between the last out on September 28th and the first Mets exhibition game next spring.

Do you have any baseball-related off-season projects planned?

6 thoughts on “Some vintage Mets baseball cards & an off-season project

    1. Well, that should keep you busy. 🙂 I’m glad someone decided to put together the Ultimate Mets Database so I wouldn’t have to put in that type of work.

      I’m still amazed that the Orioles have used fewer players than the Mets, despite being around for eight more years.


  1. Paul,
    Do you have a need list? I can check and see what doubles I have…With the exception of Seaver and Ryan’s rookie….which elude me as well…lol


    1. Thanks – building a want list is the crucial first step of the project. I’ve got all of my team sets from 1976 through the 1990s (plus 1969) in binders already, but I need to check to see which ones are missing all-star & league leader type cards. I need to get the older and newer stuff together and sorted.

      I do have an off-condition Ryan rookie, so I’m lucky in that regard. The big money cards I know I’m missing are the Seaver rookie, the 1970 Ryan (third-year card & a high number) and that silly Alay Soler shortprint from a few years ago. And of course the 60s high numbers are a challenge that will take a while to find & afford… but I’m hoping to make a nice dent in the project this winter.


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