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An unbelievable win for the diehards

Willie Harris
Willie Harris (Photo credit: slgckgc)

Games like today’s 8-6 Mets’ come-from-behind victory over the Cardinals are why I keep watching.

Thanks to a rain delay that held up the start of the game for more than two hours, I was home in time to see the last few innings. When I turned on SNY, Chris Capuano was already out of the game, the Mets were down 4-1 and Nick Evans was hitting into an inning-ending double play. I thought about flipping the channel, but I changed my mind because there are only six more Mets games left before the start of winter.

It got worse before it got better; Josh Stinson and Daniel Ray Herrera combined to put the Mets in a 6-1 hole. I kept watching anyway, because you never know what might happen.

I was rewarded with an improbable 9th inning comeback – the last time the Mets came back from a bigger deficit that late on the road, Willie Mays had the game-winning hit.

I’m not sure that a rally that relied on four walks, an error and some bloop hits to help the Mets win their 74th game of the season is the stuff of future “Mets Classics” broadcasts on SNY, but it was sure nice to see somebody else’s bullpen melt down for a change.

I’m finally becoming convinced that Ruben Tejada is a legitimate major league player. He’s not going to be able to replace Jose Reyes, but I’d rather have him than Rafael Furcal (or a number of other major league shortstops.)

And with Willie Harris‘ Mets career likely drawing to a close, I’m finally beginning to appreciate him. He made a spectacular catch to rob the Cardinals last night and had three hits including a home run in the Mets’ loss. Today, he started the 9th-inning rally with a walk and got the game-winning hit when he came up again.

Two more series to go, then on to the long winter. Let’s go Mets!


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