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Pelf tosses another stinker, Red Sox try to hang on & Rockies’ rookies get galactic makeover!/EricBien/status/118040376555741184


Mike Pelfrey walks off the field in a game earlier this season (photo credit: Paul Hadsall)

The Mets’ 9-4 loss to the Philadelphia Phillies wasn’t very fun to watch today. Ronny Paulino hit a home run that cleared the Great Wall of Flushing, Jason Pridie almost hit for the cycle (he didn’t get the home run) and Mike Baxter made some neat plays in the outfield, but there just weren’t a lot of highlights.

Mike Pelfrey – anointed as our “ace” this spring – finished the season with a 7-13 record and a 4.74 ERA. In 193.2 innings, he allowed 220 hits, 64 walks and 20 home runs. Teams that want to improve can’t give 32 starts to pitchers with those kind of results.

Hopefully Sandy Alderson has a plan – whether it’s a new pitching coach to work with Pelfrey and the other disappointing members of the Mets’ staff, or a replacement for him in next year’s rotation.

But at least watching the Mets this September isn’t as nerve-wracking as watching the Red Sox must be for their fans. I’m watching as Boston tries valiantly to hang on to what remains of their Wild Card lead, which was down to just a half-game as they started playing the Yankees tonight. They fell behind early, then rallied take a brief 4-3 lead only to allow the Yankees to tie it up again. They’re now headed to extra innings.

And here’s something fun to end with – it’s traditional for teams to make their rookies dress in funny outfits to go to the airport during the final road trip of the season. The Colorado Rockies had their players dress up as Star Wars characters today. Edgmer Escalona got to dress as a wookie, and Tommy Field was Yoda. The rest weren’t so lucky… the Denver Post has the photo, which admittedly might be best left in a galaxy far, far away. 🙂