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Who I’m rooting for in the ALDS

The playoffs get underway today, and since my team didn’t make it I have to find someone else to root for… again.

Endy Chavez, seen here on his 2009 Upper Deck baseball card, will try to win a World Series ring with the 2011 Texas Rangers.

The first series pits the Tampa Bay Rays against the Texas Rangers, two teams I rarely have cause to think about during the regular season. Texas has former Mets Endy Chavez, Darren Oliver and Darren O’Day, so I guess I’ll root for them… even though the networks have consigned the series to the awkward mid-afternoon slot that means I’ll miss a good chunk of the games.

Prime time brings us the Detroit Tigers vs. the New York Yankees, and I think everybody knows who I’ll be rooting for in this series. It’s nearly impossible to root for a team to win its 28th championship unless you’re actually one of their fans. The ex-Met factor is nearly a wash: Detroit has Omir Santos, while the Yankees have Raul Valdes… and I don’t think either will be anywhere near a playoff roster. (The Yankees also have Luis Ayala, but I wasn’t even very fond of him when he was a Met.)

The National League series don’t start until tomorrow, so I’ll wait until then to worry about them.

Which teams are you rooting for in the playoffs?