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Thoughts after the last New York baseball game of 2011

The planning for 2012 begins today for the New York Yankees, and I can’t say I’m unhappy about that.

For all the concerns about their pitching, it was the Yankees’ hitting that sunk them. They wasted opportunity after opportunity last night. I think the game was decided in the 7th inning, when Alex Rodriguez and Nick Swisher both struck out with the bases loaded against a struggling Joaquin Benoit.

A team that led baseball in home runs during the regular season had difficulty scoring any other way – Robinson Cano‘s solo shot and a bases-loaded walk accounted for the Yankees’ only runs in the deciding game of the ALDS. There’s probably a lesson in that for Mets fans who obsess over the home runs lost to Citi Field’s current dimensions.

With luck, the Philadelphia Phillies will follow the New York Yankees into the offseason tonight. But I’m not sure if I’ll watch – I’m tired of rooting against other teams in the playoffs.

Next year, it would certainly be nice if the Mets could give me a team to root for.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts after the last New York baseball game of 2011

  1. I was at last nights game. Disgrace is the only word I can use to describe that game. That 7th inning was a horror; however the 4th was just as bad when A-Rod did not score from 2B. He has to score on that play.

    The Yankees post Subway Series 2000 have turned into the Braves of the 1990s to mid 2000s. They can win in the regular season and win big against baseball’s bad teams; however, when it comes to the playoffs they can’t get it done- 2009 was their 1995. Unfortunately for the Yankees they didn’t face the modern day Jose Mesa and Arthur Rhodes is in the NL so they can’t beat up on him.

    I guess we shall see who the Yankees try to over pay this off season. Let’s see if they raise ticket prices.


    1. I guess they might go for C.J. Wilson (plus whatever they have to pay to keep C.C. Sabathia)… none of the big offensive free agents fit. They need a third baseman so A-Rod can move to DH and they could stand to upgrade right field.

      Despite the post-season failings, I’d still rather see my team make the playoffs most years. 🙂


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