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Too much 1986 Mets coverage getting you down?

All season long, Mark Simon has been writing a series that looks back at the Mets’ historic 1986 season for ESPN New York. This month, he’s writing daily articles about “This Date in ’86” to chronicle the Mets’ playoff run. Other bloggers are linking to him or writing their own stories about the 1986 playoff run.

It’s meant to be a way of remembering what is arguably the best team in Mets history on their 25th anniversary. And the stories were fun to read during the season. But now, as I watch October baseball that (yet again) doesn’t include the Mets, the stories just remind me how long it’s been since they’ve last won a World Series. It’s been 11 years since the Mets even played in one, and it sure seems like it will be at least a few more years before they get another chance.

So yesterday, I asked this question on Twitter:!/PaulsRandomStuf/status/124144425587851265

Here are the responses I got:!/StormSurge/statuses/124146337028640770!/Section518/statuses/124147992197468161!/TheFranchise41/statuses/124148758077374465!/cdorso/statuses/124154791638204416


Am I over-reacting, or are the stories about 1986 starting to get you down, too?