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Link: The case against Gil Hodges’ Hall of Fame candidacy

Should Gil Hodges be voted into the baseball Hall of Fame? (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)

Former New York Mets manager Gil Hodges is on the Golden Era Veterans Committee Hall of Fame ballot this year. Last week, I wrote that I’d be happy if Hodges were enshrined, but I wasn’t sure if his numbers merited it.

Yesterday, Brian Joura examined Gil Hodges’ Hall of Fame case for You should really go check out his statistical comparisons. He concluded:

Hodges was a very good player on some very good teams and holds a magical spot in the hearts and minds of New York baseball fans. That’s a wonderful thing and a fitting memory. It pains me to say it but he does not deserve any additional honors. All of the people fired up about putting Hodges in the Hall of Fame would be better served by backing [Keith] Hernandez, instead.

When I asked my readers if Hodges belonged in the Hall of Fame, 75 percent of you said yes*. I hope that the committee members agree with you rather than Mr. Joura, even though I think he makes a well-reasoned, compelling argument.

Does anybody want to vote differently:

*Results checked at the time I wrote this post Monday night.


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4 thoughts on “Link: The case against Gil Hodges’ Hall of Fame candidacy

  1. “holds a magical spot in the hearts and minds of New York baseball fans”…

    I don’t think getting into the Hall of Fame is ONLY about production on the field, just as it isn’t only about being memorable. I’d vote for Gil Hodges because of a combination of both. But I’d definitely vote for Santo first (I’m a fan of neither team – so I think I’m fairly unbiased).


  2. I spoke with both Carl Erskine and Joe Pignatano recently and they both said that Hodges should have been in a long time ago. I understand that being his teammate and friend that their opinions may be viewed as biased; however, they spent ample amounts of time with him as a player and had the ability to compare him against his contemporaries on the field. I think he is the most deserving on that Golden Era ballot; however, they may give it to one of the living guys just because it does more for the HOF’s bottom line.


    1. I just hope they pick someone – I’d like it to be Hodges, but there are so many decent candidates on the ballot… if the veterans committee can’t find someone that’s election-worthy, it’s probably time to end it.


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