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Name the mascot, then pass the bug spray

Name That Skeeter entry form taken from the Sugarland Skeeters website

There will be a new team in the independent Atlantic League next year, based in Sugarland, Texas. For reasons I don’t understand, somebody thought they should be named the Skeeters.

And of course, they’ve got a giant mosquito for a mascot.

If you’re a kid in the Sugarland, Texas area, you could be the one to name the over-sized bug.

The winner of the contest will be named President of the Kroger Kids Club for the 2012 season. The President will receive honorary membership in the Kroger Kids Club as well as four tickets to the Historic Opening Day Game on April 26, 2012. The contest will run from November 7-25.

It gets better: the yet-to-be-named mosquito is “related” to the Phillie Phanatic.

The mascot was created by Dave Raymond of Raymond Entertainment Group. Raymond pioneered the field of sports mascots with his innovative inhabitation of the world-renowned Phillie Phanatic. He was the original Phanatic, and his vision and performance skill spawned a revolution in the mascot industry.

I ask my readers: What would you name a mosquito mascot? And have you ever run across a less-appealing sports mascot than a mosquito?

8 thoughts on “Name the mascot, then pass the bug spray

  1. It will be interesting to see how they draw.

    Paul, you and I have discussed it before- a lot of these indy league teams sprang up when the economy was good.

    Does anyone know how the travel is going to be done next year- the closest team to Sugarland is Southern Maryland. Didn’t the Nashua Pride switch to the Can Am League not only for attendance issues but travel issues as well?

    Imagine a bus ride from say Long Island, NY to Texas? Sounds lie hell to me..


    1. The Atlantic League schedule is out; it looks like the teams will be flying to & from Texas – they didn’t build in enough time to allow bus travel.


  2. As for the mascot- I’m not too fond of Lehigh Valley’s nickname either . I have a gray road Lehigh Valley jersey- I won’t wear anything that says Ironpigs.

    What about the Richmond Flying Squirrels in the Eastern League?

    You’re right Paul- get the Raid out.


    1. I like the Flying Squirrels nickname, but I was disappointed they didn’t do more with it on their road uniforms.

      I get the history behind the Iron Pigs nickname, but I don’t care for it either.


  3. Is the Black Diamond nickname property of the Atlantic League? If not I would have preferred that nickname.

    Can Atlantic League teams afford air travel? I guess something could be worked out where the chosen airline would get a lot of ad space in the stadiums.

    I understand former Twin Gary Gaetti is going manage the Sugarland team.


    1. I want to try to see at least one game when Sugarland comes up to New Jersey; I’d like to try to get Gary Gaetti’s autograph.


  4. You could also go to Long Island try to get him. I’m thinking of going to there when Sugarland is there.

    The LI ducks draw very well- best bet is to go on a week night for a walk up ticket or if you’d rather go on a weekend get a ticket in advance.

    If you can get to NYC by train I can drive the rest of the way to Suffolk County. The Ducks also have some neat giveaways- ill wait until they announce their 2012 promotions.


    1. Thanks. That would be more appealing than going to Camden. Long Island is one of the few Atlantic League ballparks I’ve never seen.


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