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2012 New York Mets ticket plans and other odds & ends

Yesterday, the New York Mets announced 15- and 20-game ticket packages for people who aren’t looking for full or half-season ticket plans.

There are four different 20-game packages; two feature weekend games, two are made of weekday games. Of the weekend plans, one has Opening Day, and the other has two Yankees games. These replace the old 15-game Saturday+, Sunday+ and Weekend+ packages.

The new 15 game plans allow you to select one of four Marquee Level games (Opening Day and the three Yankees games) and pick 14 other games of your choice. You may or may not keep the same seats for all of the games.

I like the idea that the new plans offer more fan choice, but Shannon at Mets Police did the math to show the new plans could work out to cost more money than the old ones.

Jason Pridie's 2011 Topps Update baseball card

I’m not really interested in making the trip from New Jersey to Queens 15 or 20 times next year, and my budget really can’t afford them anyway. (The cheapest weekend 20-game plan is $468 per seat; I have no inclination to do the math on the possible 15-game options.)

If the Mets bring back the 5 or 6 game packs that they offered this year, I’ll go for it again. If not, I’ll make a point of going to an April weekend game to see what changed at the ballpark & museum, and go to a few others somewhere along the way.

Speaking of Citi Field, the Mets shared a picture of the work on the outfield wall modifications yesterday.

One 2011 New York Mets player who won’t be back next year is Jason Pridie. The reserve outfielder signed a minor league deal with the Oakland Athletics organization, according to ESPN New York’s Adam Rubin. Best of luck!


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2 thoughts on “2012 New York Mets ticket plans and other odds & ends

  1. There’s a shocker about the plans costing more money. The only sellouts the Mets are going to have in 2012 are Opening Day and the Yankees series- unless more Phillies fans pack the place because they can’t get tickets in CBP.

    Last year I went to two Met games- 1 against Washington and the other against LA where Eithier’s hit streak was stopped. I paid half price on StubHub the night before the game- I had seats on the field level.

    Not a good time to be trying to get more $$$ out of your fans


    1. To be fair to the Mets, they did reduce initial ticket prices in many seating categories. But there should not have been any increases, based on the team’s recent performance and lack of sellouts at Citi Field. And I can hardly wait for “dynamic pricing,” which seems to be code for “we want to squeeze more money out of you if the team actually turns out to be good.”


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