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Tuesday morning roundup: Ronny Paulino, Jack Wilson & Hiroyuki Nakajima

The Mets offseason hasn’t been filled with a lot of activity, but SNY’s Ted Berg notes that the hot stove season has been off to a slow start throughout baseball.

Ronny Paulino
Could Ronny Paulino be done as a Met? (Photo credit: slgckgc)

New York has been linked to two shortstops – Jack Wilson‘s agent Page Odle told New York Post reporter Mark Hale that the Mets have expressed interest in his client, though there’s been no offer submission. Meanwhile, there’s a Sanspo article that I can’t read that mentions the Mets in connection with Seibu Lions shortstop Hiroyuki Nakajima, according to Yakyu Baka.

Wilson still has a decent glove, but his bat will probably make us remember Alex Cora if he ends up signing with the Mets. Nakajima is a bigger mystery with a significant potential upside. On the other hand, the Mets have not had a lot of luck with signing players from Japan… remember Kazuo Matsui? (Interesting note: Nakajima succeeded Matsui as Seibu’s shortstop when Matsui signed with the Mets.)

Finally, New York Daily News reporter Andy Martino notes that a certain faction in the Mets’ hierarchy is unhappy with Ronny Paulino and might look to make a change this winter. If they plan to do so, they should show a bit more urgency – catching is thin throughout baseball and that’s the one position that’s seen some early free agent signings.

In other news, Topps signed former Seattle Mariners and Cincinnati Reds outfielder Ken Griffey Jr. to an autograph deal to sign baseball cards for its 2012 products, Beckett Media reports. Griffey had been strongly identified with Upper Deck, having served as a spokesman for the company.


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6 thoughts on “Tuesday morning roundup: Ronny Paulino, Jack Wilson & Hiroyuki Nakajima

  1. I think Jack Wilson would be as a veteran backup/mentor to Ruben Tejada if he signs — and Wilson shouldn’t cost as much as Cora (who was way overpaid). As for catching, maybe they trade Paulino for a different catcher.

    And I say Griffey goes in as a Mariner, too.


    1. It would be nice if veteran mentors that hit as well as Alex Cora could be added to the coaching staff instead of the active roster. 🙂

      I actually don’t mind if Paulino comes back – I’d have to check the numbers to see if they support my memory, but I think his production started to drop when Terry Collins started to play him more often instead of keeping him in a strict platoon role. I was reasonably happy with Paulino’s production in the first half.


  2. As for the Japanese ballplayers, Ichiro obviously belongs in Cooperstown. Other than Hideki Matsui, most will have decent numbers when they arrive but then gradually decline aka Hideo Nomo.

    Looks like the dice-k contract blew up on Boston.


    1. Dice-K’s contract wasn’t that bad… add in the money Boston spent on his posting fee, and it looks pretty bad.

      Ichiro will be inducted into the Hall of Fame when he becomes eligible. I’d be tempted to tweak the “Pioneers” category so Hideo Nomo could qualify as well, though purely from his MLB career totals he shouldn’t receive any consideration.


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