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Mets Autograph of the Week: Brian McRae


Signed Brian McRae 1999 Topps card from my collection

Brian McRae, son of long-time Kansas City Royal Hal McRae, had a solid 10-year career as a Major League journeyman. He played for the Royals, Cubs, Mets, Rockies and Blue Jays. In 1997, the Cubs traded McRae, Mel Rojas and Turk Wendell to the Mets in exchange for Lance Johnson, Mark Clark and Manny Alexander.

McRae didn’t have an especially strong first year in New York, but he rebounded in 1998 to have a great season. McRae led the team in doubles, triples and stolen bases while setting career highs in home runs and RBI. The Mets just missed making the playoffs, having a competitive season for the first time in years. McRae struggled again in 1999, so the Mets shipped him off to Colorado in exchange for Chuck McElroy and Darryl Hamilton.

That turned out to be McRae’s final season in the big leagues; he retired with a lifetime .261 average, 1336 hits, 103 home runs, 532 RBI and 196 stolen bases.

Thanks to Nick for getting this card signed at a baseball event in New York last month.

2 thoughts on “Mets Autograph of the Week: Brian McRae

  1. Totally forgot that McRae had been a Met. I got to meet him one year during Royals Spring Training and he seemed like a really nice guy.


    1. I don’t remember his time with the Mets very well, either – I wasn’t paying a lot of attention to baseball in the late 90s.


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