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The Gil Hodges 1963 Topps “Update” card that shouldn’t have been

There used to be a baseball card blog called “Things Done To Cards.” It featured a mix of oddball baseball cards and more typical ones that have had something done to them.

This 1963 Topps Gil Hodges card would have been a perfect fit for that second category. I can only imagine that the card’s original owner decided to “update” it following the May 23, 1963 trade that sent the New York Mets’ original first baseman to the Washington Senators to begin his managerial career.

In one sense, it’s impressive that a young fan took the time to update the baseball card all those years ago… on the other hand, I’d like to have a Gil Hodges card that had not been modified. 🙂

(For any of my regular readers who miss it, this week’s “Minor League Mondays” feature will run later this week due to lingering computer issues from last week’s hard drive failure.)


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One thought on “The Gil Hodges 1963 Topps “Update” card that shouldn’t have been

  1. Y’know, when I was 9 or 10, we just never KNEW when certain cards were going to achieve future collecting card STARDOM…or didn’t care, one or the other! Oh well, at least you’ve got THAT in your collection until you can upgrade, eh?!


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