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Fernando Martinez, we hardly knew you (41 days until spring training)

Remember when Fernando Martinez was an untouchable prospect destined to become a future New York Mets star?

Fernando Martinez's 2011 Topps baseball card from my collection

Not anymore.

Martinez and lefty reliever Daniel Ray Hererra have reportedly been placed on waivers to clear space on the 40-man roster so the Mets can complete the signings of Scott Hairston and Ronny Cedeno, according to ESPN New York. Assuming that no other team claims them, both Martinez and Herrera could remain in the Mets organization. However, Hererra would have the option to declare free agency rather than accept a minor league assignment.

It’s a shame that Martinez is all but washed up at age 23, due to injuries (and perhaps due to being rushed through the minor leagues faster than he should have.) I’d really like to see him claimed by another (preferably American League) organization and watch him prove the Mets were wrong to give up on him… but that’s probably not going to happen.

The Mets have another impending departure, as is reporting that longtime coach Randy Niemann will accept a job with the Boston Red Sox that will reunite him with former Mets manager Bobby Valentine.  Best of luck.

New York Magazine ran a hatchet job piece on the New York Mets organization yesterday, purportedly written by someone on the team’s payroll, as part of its Workplace Confidential series. I don’t believe for a minute that the source of the article was a player – it sounds too much like the complaints of a fan. It could be a team employee, or maybe it’s just meant to capture what the author believes it is like to work for the Mets these days… who really knows? I read enough griping from other Mets fans (and occasionally engage in it myself); I don’t need to bother with the anonymous complaints presented here.

Tom Seaver's 1968 Topps baseball card from my collection

I’d rather spend my time reading about R.A. Dickey‘s progress in his quest to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro (at the New York Times baseball blog) or an update on Gary Carter‘s fight against cancer (from ESPN New York.)

Did you know that Tom Seaver lent his name to a murder mystery novel back in 1989? I didn’t, until Rob Castellano unearthed it at Amazin’ Avenue. I have no desire to read it, but I’d love to see Seaver’s reaction if somebody brought a copy of it for him to sign at one of his autograph show appearances.

Speaking of Tom Seaver, we’re 41 days away from the start of spring training, when Ne w York Mets pitchers and catchers report to Port St. Lucie, Florida.

Four players wore #41 before it was assigned to the man who was referred to as “The Franchise” – pitchers Clem Labine, Grover Powell, Jim Bethke and Gordon Richardson. It was retired in 1988. I’m kind of amazed that #41 wasn’t re-issued to anyone in the late 70s after Seaver was unceremoniously traded away.

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  1. Why are so many of our coaches leaving the Mets system? Do they know something we don’t know or are they just jumping ship in advance?

    I wonder if they are getting nickled and dimed by management to save money?


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