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Link: Mets Police Calls For Return of “Mettle the Mule”

Until I started reading Mets Police, I wasn’t aware that the Mets ever had a mascot other than Mr. Met. (I never saw – or didn’t pay attention to – the piece that the New York Times Baseball Blog ran a couple of years ago.)

Shannon is calling for the team to bring back Mettle the Mule, who was a part of team history in 1979, for the Mets’ 50th anniversary celebration this year:

Of course everyone will make fun of the Mets and you’ll be teeing up everyone from Francesa to Letterman for jokes.  But they are making them anway.

So screw it.  Let go.  Have fun.  Part of being a Mets fan is appreciating all this.  I bet we’d both love 24 hours of mule jokes than financial talk.

I say why not? It would be something fun to laugh about for a change.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Link: Mets Police Calls For Return of “Mettle the Mule”

    1. We’ve had enough that we’ve had to laugh about for the last few years… it would be nice to laugh at something that was supposed to be funny for a change. 🙂


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