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Where will Prince Fielder end up? (35 days until spring training starts)

It’s the middle of January, and most of the free agents left on the market at this point are aging stars who might be contemplating retirement and reserves. But there’s still one star slugger available, if you can meet his asking price.

Prince Fielder
Prince Fielder (Photo credit: Steve Paluch)

Prince Fielder is going to play for someone in 2012, though I have no idea who it will be. This weekend, media reports linked him to the Chicago Cubs, Washington Nationals and Texas Rangers… and is still a longshot possibility he could wind up in Seattle.

While Fielder was reportedly hoping for an 8- to 10- year contract when he hit the free agent market, it’s beginning to look like he might accept less. ESPN’s Buster Olney reported a rumor that Fielder may have to settle for a six-year deal with an opt-out clause that would let him re-enter the free agent market again after three seasons.

I hope that Fielder goes to Texas or the Cubs, but part of me would like to see how the Washington Nationals would do with him in the cleanup spot.

signed 2010 Bowman Dillon Gee card from my collection

We’re five weeks – 35 days – away from the official beginning of spring training for the New York Mets, when pitchers and catchers report to Port St. Lucie.  Spring training tickets went on sale this weekend, and Florida Met Fan Rich sent Mets Police some photos from the first day sale.

Original Mets pitcher Ray Daviault was the first to wear #35 for the team, and Dillon Gee has it now. In between, it has been worn by a variety of players including a pair who would become more famous as general managers for other teams: Ed Lynch and Billy Beane.

8 thoughts on “Where will Prince Fielder end up? (35 days until spring training starts)

  1. For the game of baseball itself, it is probably best that he goes to the Cubs, as they are a major market team that has been long suffering (Sounds like the Mets).

    I would have a love/hate relationship with him going to the Nationals. The Nats spring train where I live in Florida so I would love to see him play here. We would alos be able to see him alot on T.V. if he was in the NL East. On the pther hand, I don’t want him in the NL East as it is already tough enough.

    It would almost make certain that the Mets will finish dead last, if that isn’t for certain yet!


    1. The Nationals could be a fun team to watch over the next few years, if their young players develop the way people are hoping. Of course, that’s bad news for the Mets… Still, I think I’ll find myself rooting for the Nationals a bit if only because I cannot stand the Braves, Phillies or Marlins. 🙂


  2. Of the three locations Paul mentions, Washington is not a great place for hitters. Texas is probably the best place for him to go as a hitter- they’re also the 2X defending AL Champs. The ball carries very well in that park. He can also work a half day by serving as the DH in the AL.

    I saw him and the rest of the Brewers play the Yankees @ the Stadium in June 2011. Yanks swept the Series and Fielder was pretty much shut down.


    1. Texas is probably the best ballpark/team situation for Fielder, but I don’t know that they can afford him and Yu Darvish.

      I also don’t know how serious the Cubs are about Fielder. If I had to guess, I’d say Fielder goes to Washington or somewhere not currently mentioned in the rumors.


  3. I also remember his father very well on the 1996 Yankees. He came up big in the World Series.

    First player to hit 50 home runs in a season in 1991 since Maris in 1961.

    Cecil also managed the Defunct AC surf briefly


    1. I loved watching Cecil Fielder hit home runs for the Tigers in the early 1990s. I briefly met him and got him to sign a photo for me at an autograph show last winter.


  4. Now that the Yankees have improved their rotation by spending very little cash, look for another block buster coming. They traded their best young prospect who was supposed to DH. Fielder would crush 40 or more homers in the new Yankee stadium. With him they
    would blow away the rest of the AL east and be the favorites to go to and win the World
    Series. Just think of that lineup. Read it and weep bandwagon Red Sox fans.


    1. The Yankees’s payroll is already at $212 million with the addition of Kuroda, and they’ve never topped $213 million. I think a reunion with Johnny Damon or Hideki Matsui is more likely than a surprise push for Prince Fielder, but you never know.


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