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Some 1972 New York Mets baseball cards

Thanks to its unique and colorful design, the 1972 Topps baseball card set is my favorite from that decade. I’m slowly making progress towards completing the New York Mets team set – here are some semi-recent acquisitions:




I still need 14 cards, nine of which are from the rarer high number series.

  • 245 Tommie Agee
  • 346 Jim Fregosi “Boyhood Photos Of The Stars”
  • 347 Tom Seaver “Boyhood Photos Of The Stars”
  • 362 Team Photo
  • 496 Bud Harrelson “Boyhood Photos Of The Stars”
  • 673 Dave Marshall
  • 697 Jerry Koosman
  • 698 Jerry Koosman “In Action”
  • 707 Tim Foli
  • 708 Tim Foli “In Action”
  • 722 Bill Sudakis
  • 741 John Milner
  • 755 Jim Fregosi traded
  • 781 Jim McAndrew


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