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Ponies, squirrels, and alternate timelines, oh my

It’s Saturday, so I’m going to start off with a link to something silly but wonderful.

Dayf, who may be the only blogger on the internet obsessed with both baseball cards and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, has re-imagined Keith Hernandez as a pony for a one-of-a-kind art card for Sean at Condition: Poor. (After you check that out, head over to Cardboard Junkie to see another one of Dayf’s sketch cards. The new Miami Marlins logo really does look 20% cooler when it’s paired with ponies.)

Photo credit: Paul Hadsall

On to more serious subjects, ESPN New York’s Adam Rubin continues to report rumors that the Binghamton Mets will be relocating to Ottawa for the 2013 season. (It should be noted that the team president denies the reports.) Toby Hyde has a more detailed explanation of the circumstances, which might make it easier to discern fact from speculation. And over at 11th and Washington, Dan weighs in with his thoughts.

My take? Economics and demographics suggest that Double-A baseball’s days are numbered in Binghamton, which is a shame. But for fans who only get to see the B-Mets when they visit Trenton, it’s not a story that’s worth paying that much attention to until facts start replacing the rumors and speculation.

In speculation of the more entertaining “what if” variety, Patrick Flood examines a potential timeline where Omar Minaya didn’t trade for Johan Santana prior to the 2008 season. For all the recent talk about whether the Mets “won” the Santana trade, Flood’s alternate history scenario seems very plausible but not necessarily better. (Spoilers: A.J. Burnett might have found his way into the Mets’ rotation in Santana’s place.)

Speaking of Burnett, MLB Trade Rumors reports that the Yankees have been trying to unload him on the Pittsburgh Pirates to free up payroll dollars for a DH, but so far Pittsburgh isn’t willing to take on enough of Burnett’s contract. Every time I get depressed about the Mets, I think of the Pirates fans who have dealt with two decades of perpetual rebuilding and remind myself that it could be worse.

Kirk Nieuwenhuis' 2008 Donruss Elite Extra Edition card

Back to the Mets and a positive story, Anthony DiComo profiled minor league outfielder Kirk Nieuwenhuis, who is hoping to impress during spring training after missing the end of last season with a shoulder injury.

“I’m itching to play again,” said Nieuwenhuis, who will report to Port St. Lucie, Fla., more than a week early. “It feels like forever since I’ve played a game. I’m just super excited to get back into it and get back in the swing of things. I’m more excited for this Spring Training than I’ve ever been.”

And closing out with some more baseball card stuff, Dan bought some 2012 Topps baseball cards and shared pictures of the five Mets he got. R.A. Dickey‘s card may be my favorite of the year.

Remember the Rally Squirrel card? According to Beckett Media, it may not be quite as rare as the other short prints in 2012 Topps. Maybe there’s a chance prices will go down low enough to suit me after all. 🙂

Enjoy your weekend, and if there’s snow on the ground where you are, remember: in Peoria, Arizona, Seattle Mariners are reporting to spring training camp today.


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4 thoughts on “Ponies, squirrels, and alternate timelines, oh my

  1. Living in NH and keeping dibs on the Mets and Fisher Cats, I think if anything happens it will be Mets to New Britain, Blue Jays to Ottawa and Twins to NH.

    There was an agreement when the Jays brought the New Haven Ravens to NH in ’04. Basically since it is a Red Sox territory there were two main parts. 1) That the land where Fisher Cats stadium has to have a parcel put aside if the Sox ever want to build/put up a team store. 2) That since they are in a Sox territory, if the Jays leave any team EXCEPT the Mets or Yankees can play in NH.

    * Funny side note, the Yankees had a AA franchise in Manchester NH from 69-71


    1. Thanks for the New Hampshire insight.

      From a geographical point of view, New Britain probably makes more sense for a Mets farm team than Binghamton.


  2. Didn’t Ottawa already lose two baseball teams?

    The AAA Ottawa Lynx became the LV Ironpigs or course, but didn’t they have a Can Am league team that lasted one season and is now in the Indy league graveyard?

    It just doesn’t make sense to me to put a team where they’ve already LOST two teams.

    Baseball in Canada has never been the same since the 1994 strike- just ask the Montreal Expos. It seems like yesterday the Blue Jays were the first team to draw 4 million fans.

    I tried to see the B-Mets whenever I was in the SWB area- the schedules never matched. Paul if I find a day to make the trip Ill let you know since we don’t know the future of baseball in Binghamton.


    1. I think it was just the Ottawa Lynx, but I could be mistaken. Here’a a story from the Ottawa Citizen yesterday that outlines the challenges for making baseball work in Ottawa.

      The Binghamton Mets are at the bottom of the Eastern League attendance chart every year. They’ve only drawn more than a quarter of a million fans once, in their first year. And according to the 2010 Census, the city only has a population of 47,376.

      According to a 2011 census, Ottawa has a population of 883,391… and at least in the 1990s, their Triple-A team was a good draw. (More recent years showed worse attendance figures than the B-Mets.) I don’t know if it will work out, but it seems like a reasonable bet if they can get a favorable stadium lease & be affiliated with the Toronto Blue Jays.

      I did make it to Binghamton once, when I was still in high school, during a family vacation. I remember very little about the game, except that it was interrupted by rain and Butch Huskey scolded me for trying to get autographs during the during the delay. 🙂


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