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Chipper’s Met-killing career nearing an end?

Chipper Jones in 2009 (Photo credit: SD Dirk)
Chipper Jones in 2009 (Photo credit: SD Dirk)

On a day where we learned a Mets bullpen catcher had been arrested on a DUI charge Sunday night, lefty bullpen specialist Tim Byrdak would require surgery to repair torn meniscus cartilage in his left knee and David Wright got a cortisone shot because his recovery had “essentially plateaued” (whatever that means), I wasn’t expecting anything from the baseball world to make me happy.

Then I saw the articles mentioning that Chipper Jones is thinking about retirement.

“The body is starting to tell me every morning when I wake up that it’s getting close,” he told David O’Brien of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “I’m signed through the end of this year. If I play in a certain amount of games, I got an option for next year. I don’t know what next year entails.

“I don’t know if I can make it through this year.”

I will be thrilled when Chipper has stepped off the baseball diamond for the last time. In 231 games against the Mets, Chipper hit .318 with 48 home runs and 154 RBI… and that’s more than enough reason to look forward to the day that he accepts his gold watch.

But that’s just the beginning. We’re talking about a man who decided to name his son Shea because of all the success he had at the Mets’ former home. “I love playing there,” Jones told ESPN in 2004. “Check the numbers.”

Chipper even bought a pair of seats from the park.

So yeah, I’m ready to start planning the farewell party. I’d love to say that it’s been fun…

2 thoughts on “Chipper’s Met-killing career nearing an end?

  1. Chipper Jones is a true class act. My friend is a Braves fan. The Phillies closed Veterans Stadium with a 3 game series v. the Braves. Chipper signed a ball for my friend- of course I forgot to bring one. There’s a funny story to it- maybe not so funny to Mets fans. Chipper was signing for fans and I yelled out “mets stink” Chipper had to fight back the smile.

    He gets my vote for Cooperstown- not that I have one. No link to the juice either and we know what logo will be on his cap.

    I’m sure Mets fans like the fact that Pat Burrell is retired also.


    1. Oh yes, I was happy to see Pat Burrell leave Philadelphia… and even when he came back to play against the Mets as a Ray or Giant, I still half-expected him to get that big hit.

      I have respect for Chipper Jones’ baseball accomplishments, and I would agree that he belongs in the Hall of Fame. But your own story illustrates why no Met fan is likely to say that he’s a “class act.”


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