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The injury bug bites

Well, we’ve made it through the first week of spring training games. Johan Santana has pitched twice and he’s one of an ever-shrinking number of Mets who hasn’t landed on the injury report so far (knock on wood). Who would have believed it?

Meanwhile, David Wright was scheduled to fly to New York last night so he could get a cortisone shot to combat a rib cage issue that has kept him out of spring training action so far. Tim Byrdak is due to get a cortisone shot in his ailing knee.

Adam Rubin summarized the conditions of other injured Mets players before Sunday’s rain-shortened game, though it does not include Daniel Ray Herrera who now reportedly has a back issue.

The Mets are far from the only team dealing with injuries this spring. And at least none of theirs are of the truly wacky variety. Yankees reliever David Robertson hurt his ankle carrying a box outside for recycling, and Tampa Bay pitcher David Price hurt his neck while toweling off in the dugout. Can you imagine the field day everyone would be having if either of those stories were about Mets?

But it’s still discouraging, considering the lack of depth in the Mets organization and the reputation the team has earned for the way injuries have been handled over the last few seasons.

Mets fans: are you concerned about the team’s growing injury list?

Everybody: what are some of the weirdest baseball injuries that you remember hearing about?

4 thoughts on “The injury bug bites

  1. Weirdest/dumbest baseball injury? I think it was a young A.J. Burnett (I’m not certain) who burned himself while ironing his shirt, and had to miss a start or two.

    That, in and of itself is not terribly unusual. What was weird, was that he was WEARING THE SHIRT while ironing it!


  2. Former Toronto 3B Kelly Gruber had his share of questionable injuries.

    The late Chris Brown, former SF Giants 3B had his share of questionable injuries also.

    I think the biggest franchise altering injury NO DOUBT is Aaron Boone’s 2003-2004 off season pick up basketball injury. After this happened- Yankees went out and got A-Rod- and then proceeded to give him the worst contract in the history of baseball prior to the 2008 season. This was franchise altering to the Texas Rangers as well- they got out from under the other horrible contract Hicks gave A-Rod.

    The Rangers have taken that freed up cash and used it to improve their team- and won the last two AL pennants.

    Can anyone think of any other franchise altering injuries? Any sport?


  3. Wade Boggs brusing his ribs while taking off his cowboy boots is one I can remember, though Glenallen’s spider night-terror takes the cake.


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