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Photos from Saturday’s Mets vs. Giants game

Mike Pelfrey (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)

If you told me that Mike Pelfrey would pitch eight innings and allow just one run on six hits and a walk, I would have thought the Mets would be well on their way to an easy victory.

Of course, that would be too simple.

  • The offense struggled, with the three through six batters going a combined 3-for-14 with one RBI.
  • Ike Davis and David Wright both got picked off during one Jason Bay at bat in the eighth inning, wasting an opportunity to add on to a 4-1 lead.
  • Frank Francisco had another shaky outing, and was pulled from the game in the middle of the ninth.
  • Kirk Nieuwenhuis couldn’t field what should have been a game-ending fly ball from Brandon Belt, so it fell in for a game-tying double instead.
  • And when Nieuwenhuis came up in the ninth inning  with the bases loaded and a chance to redeem himself, he tapped into what should have been an inning-ending 3-2-3 double play.

Fortunately, none of that mattered because Buster Posey threw the ball out into right field, allowing Ruben Tejada to score the game’s winning run.

The Mets are now 2-0 in games I’ve been to this year… it’s a nice change of pace from previous seasons.

7 thoughts on “Photos from Saturday’s Mets vs. Giants game

  1. Looks like you had a great time there! I’m on way to Citi Field now- need to be one of the first 25K to get the Seaver give away. Skies do not look good here from the 7 train.

    One can only keep hope alive.


    1. My guess is that they open the gates, hand out the bobbleheads, collect money for parking and food & have to try to play a doubleheader tomorrow.


    2. They sure collected the parking- but never opened the gates. They waited until 1145 AM to call the game. It gets better- they were selling ponchos outside right up until they made the announcement.

      The Seaver give away is rescheduled for May 5.


      1. Not exactly fan-friendly. The gates are supposed to open at 11:10 a.m. for a 1:10 p.m. game. The Mets should have either called it before 11, or let people in and handed out the giveaway.

        However, it’s good news for me – I wasn’t going to today’s game, but I do have a ticket for May 5th.


  2. I’d rather bee lucky than good!….8-6 looks much better than 7-7!…It also saves TC’s first meltdown of the year!


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