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Bears rained out; doubleheader Saturday

Bears & Eagles Riverfront Stadium on Opening Night (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)

I had hoped to start Memorial Day weekend off by watching the Newark Bears play the Quebec Capitales tonight.

Unfortunately, I arrived at the stadium to find the gates locked and the ticket windows closed. The game was postponed due to field conditions. (I can only guess that the field was left uncovered yesterday.)

So if you’re free on Saturday afternoon & evening, you can catch a Newark Bears doubleheader starting at 4 p.m.

I won’t be able to make it to a Bears game until next Friday, when Newark hosts the St. Paul Saints.

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4 thoughts on “Bears rained out; doubleheader Saturday

  1. You just can’t make up something like this. I thought about going but decided I didn’t want to travel the Friday before Memorial Day.


  2. Random musing on your Randon Baseball Stuff, Paul:

    It turned out to be a halfway decent evening yesterday, though a bit humid. That the field would be left uncovered considering the type of weather we had over the past week seems improbable.

    Try this: Is it likely that the Bears had very little advance sale and a likely possibility of very little walk-up business that they canceled because of that? A lot of people are skipping town or doing other things this weekend, so yesterday might not have been considered a “normal” Friday night. So, they came up with a plausible excuse. Hey, I’m certain it wouldn’t be the first time a stunt like this was pulled. Heck, it was even done at a World Series game. OK, it was back in 1905, but it was done.


  3. Today Sunday May 27 turned out to be a good experience. The Bears beat Quebec 2-0 in a very fast game.

    My girlfriends daughter had the day of her life. Daryl Ward gave her a game used broken bat as he was coming out for pre-game warmups- he signed it after the game.

    We participated in two of the between inning contests- at the end of the day we left with 2 T-shirts and 4 ticket vouchers for any 2012 game. The day paid for itself admission wise.

    Nice inexpensive day.


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