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Past & Future

I have little interest in writing about the current New York Mets team after the last week, and fortunately I missed most of this weekend’s Subway Series disaster anyway. (I do want to share some photos and thoughts from this weekend’s Binghamton Mets vs. Trenton Thunder series, but that will have to wait until tonight.)

Instead, let me show off two of the newest additions to my baseball card collection. On the left is a 1963 Topps card showing former Dodgers teammates Duke Snider and Gil Hodges as “Friendly Foes” (Both were teammates on the Mets in 1963 for a short while before Hodges was traded to the Washington Senators.)

On the right is a 2011 Bowman Sterling card of New York Mets prospect Zack Wheeler. I’ve actually had the card for a little while, but I was able to add an autograph on Sunday. The hope is that Wheeler will be a key part of the Mets starting rotation in 2014 and beyond. Time will tell.


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One thought on “Past & Future

  1. Great Hodges and Snider card!

    Glad to see you’re alive after this past weekend.
    Saw the Phillies beat the Orioles Friday in Baltimore. Its amazing how much further your dollar goes when you leave the NY area.


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