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“Best team in baseball” loses another one

The Mets lost another game to the Washington Nationals on Wednesday, 4-3. They have dropped six in a row, are 3-9 in July and have fallen to just one game above the .500 mark.

But never fear: Miguel Batista says the Mets are the best team in baseball.

I just couldn’t make this stuff up.

Chris Young pitched well twice through the lineup, but again ran into trouble on his third go-around.  Batista came out of the bullpen to give up some tack-on runs which turned out to be important later.

The hitters, except for David Wright and (bizarrely) Jason Bay, did little. (I guess I should give Lucas Duda and Andres Torres credit for putting the Mets’ first run on the board too, but Torres loses points for over-aggressive baserunning worthy of Angel Pagan.)

R.A. Dickey starts against Gio Gonzalez in a matchup of 12-game winners tomorrow afternoon. Normally, I’d DVR the game to see those two pitch… the way the Mets have been playing lately, I probably won’t bother. Thanks to previously-made plans to see some minor league games, I’ll be taking a bit of a break from the Mets. (Though I’m overjoyed that I will get to see Batista’s 248th career start on Saturday.)

Hopefully, the Mets will start a new winning streak while I’m not paying so much attention to them.

4 thoughts on ““Best team in baseball” loses another one

    1. As bad as they look now, I’m going to wait until the end of the upcoming homestand to decide whether to write off this season.

      The only problem if the Mets do become sellers: who do they really have to move that another team would want? Maybe Daniel Murphy would appeal to some of the teams that are looking at Chase Headley, and Scott Hairston might net a low-level prospect if somebody needs a right-handed bench bat… but I can’t really think of anyone else.


  1. Why would the Mets become sellers YES there in a slump but if they win 5 in a row they will be right back in the thick of things…. We don’t have the yankees in our division. All we have to do is stay close and we will have a shot.


    1. The Mets need to start winning again – if they have a 5-1 homestand, they’re right back in the race. If they keep slumping, and other teams express any interest in players that don’t factor into Sandy Alderson’s plans for 2013, he’s got to try to trade them.

      I’d like to see Alderson ADD to this team, but he can’t trade for players that aren’t available. If other teams want to hold on to their players in hopes of getting better offers closer to the trade deadline, there’s not much he can do.


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