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Freefalling back to .500 (photos from Saturday afternoon’s Mets game)

Fun things about Saturday afternoon’s Mets game:

  • Reminiscing about Edgardo Alfonzo and getting a cool bobblehead
  • Seeing the crowd reaction as they realized R.A. Dickey was coming in to pitch the ninth inning. There was a small amount of applause when he stepped on to the mound, a larger reaction as “The Imperial March” began to play and an even bigger round of applause when he was actually announced.

Not fun things about Saturday afternoon’s Mets game:

  • Watching Miguel Batista struggle through the first three innings, using 81 pitches while allowing four runs on five hits and three walks
  • Watching Jeremy Hefner struggle through the next two innings, using 47 pitches while allowing two runs on two hits and two walks
  • Watching Juan Uribe spoil R.A. Dickey’s relief appearance by hitting a two-run homer that killed any hope of a ninth inning Mets’ comeback
  • Realizing that Chris Capuano could still be a Met if Sandy Alderson had a bigger budget to work with this winter and was willing to have competition for starting rotation spots this spring.
  • Seeing the Mets lose (again) to fall back to the .500 mark on the season
  • Discovering that Batista is still delusional (and was still on the roster) when I got back home
  • Sunburn

Here are some photos:

2 thoughts on “Freefalling back to .500 (photos from Saturday afternoon’s Mets game)

  1. It’s time that the Miguel Batista era comes to an end. Meanwhile, there are still 68 games left to play. Let’s see how / if they rebound from these recent disasters. It’ll tell us a lot about the character of this team, and about Collins ability to motivate his troops and keep them focused.


    1. The problem with cutting Batista is that someone has to start in Dillon Gee’s spot, and someone else now has to pitch in Johan Santana’s place. Matt Harvey bombed in Triple-A tonight – maybe the Mets front office is right that he’s not ready to help in the big leagues yet. Chris Schwinden flopped in his previous trial, and the only other name I’ve heard mentioned in passing is Colin McHugh.

      The Mets semi-successfully replaced Mike Pelfrey, but they’re now missing three members of their Opening Day rotation. That’s going to be tough to overcome, especially when you consider the team’s other weaknesses.

      I think finishing the year above .500 and ahead of the Phillies and Marlins could still qualify as a successful season, all things considered.


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