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[PRESS RELEASE] Newark Bears, Enough Is Enough Coalition Team Up to Put an End to Violence in Newark

The Newark Bears and Newark’s Enough Is Enough Coalition (EIEC) are teaming up to help put an end to violence.

In response to the rash of homicides and violence in the city of Newark, the Bears are hosting the second annual “Stop the Violence Day” at Bears & Eagles Riverfront Stadium on Sunday, July 29.

Beginning at 11 a.m., there will be a rally at Military Park, followed by a march to the Bears’ stadium. It will be led by Minister Thomas Ellis of EIEC and will arrive at the ballpark around 12 p.m.

Those who participate in the rally will receive a $5 food voucher with the purchase of a ticket to the Bears’ 1:05 p.m. game with the New Jersey Jackals.

The Bears and Ellis will host a press conference on Wednesday, July 25, at Bears & Eagles Riverfront Stadium to announce “Stop the Violence Day.” Family Cab of Newark—whose employee, Rochenel Guerrier, was murdered on July 7—along with a host of other groups, organizations, clergy, family members of victims and others will be on hand.


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8 thoughts on “[PRESS RELEASE] Newark Bears, Enough Is Enough Coalition Team Up to Put an End to Violence in Newark

  1. Looks like the first “Stop the Violence” day didn’t work. There could have been a hundred of them since the ’67 riots and they wouldn’t have worked either. So, let’s hear it for window dressing.

    And, I guess Doug and Danielle are doing their best (worst?) to promote “Stop the Baseball” in Newark as that team should be cooked by the end of the season. I mean, I wish them well as Newark has a storied baseball history. But, at about 700 a game, there’s no way they can continue on.


  2. Let’s be honest when was the last time you actually saw 700 at a game? Rumor has it Parker was released after a brawl with one of the coaches. Which, is uncertain. But they replaced him a player that was released with a 0-4 record and an 8era.


    1. 700 is their so-called “average.”

      I know that, when I worked there in 2009, attendance numbers used to be padded by the “freebies” the team handed out whether they were used or not. And I remember that in early May, we had two turnstile counts of 47 and 59 and, of course, they weren’t reported that way.

      If 700 represents a “padded” number…good Lord!


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    Why do people dislike the Newark Bears? The people whom dislike the Newark Bears also dislike the
    Newark Eagles – Effa Manley, the Negro Leagues, Jackie Robinson and Willie Mays.


    1. 55 bucks for a round trip bus ride twenty minutes each way to Montclair State, a low level minor league game and a t-shirt? I hope someone besides the bus company is making money off this. And, as the Bears hardly draw at home, even with $5 half price tickets, what makes you think they can round up 50 people to shell out $55 for a trip to Yogi Berra? Maybe, and assuming some ignoramuses among the lot, they’ll find out that better baseball, a better baseball park and a livelier crowd three to four times as large are only a hop, skip and jump away and will stop going to Newark altogether.

      And now I have two questions for you, Cliff:

      Why do include motivational quotations with every post? Do you need motivation? I sure don’t.

      And, why do we sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” when we’re already there?

      Finally, you understand nothing about support and how it applies to baseball. Yes, it’s a wonderful sport with a storied history–my favorite. And I’ve worked in the business (and it is a business) as a player (badly), coach, umpire, official scorer and broadcaster.

      But support implies something on the emotional level. The Mets and Yankees can pull that off. The Newark Bears cannot. And it’s not because they stink or they don’t draw. Minor league baseball, at this point in time, is a night out and, as such, competes for the entertainment dollar with restaurants, movies and other amusements. The Mets and Yankees are a destination. The Bears are just another place to spend a buck.

      So, if the Bears don’t provide a quality product in a tasteful setting and at a reasonable price, guess what? Sayonara, and I’ll find somewhere else to spend my money.


  4. Published: Saturday, June 30, 2012, 7:05 PM Updated: Saturday, June 30, 2012, 11:40 PM
    By Sharpe James/NJVoices

    “Where are the Newark baseball fans?

    The American pastime is still baseball.

    And can we ever forget the chorus in

    the 1908 hit song by Jack Norworth

    and Albert Von Tilzer, “Take me out to

    the ball game, Take me out with the

    crowd; Buy me some peanuts and

    Cracker Jacks, I don’t care if I never get

    back. Let me root, root, root for the

    home team, if they don’t win, it’s a

    shame. For it’s one, two, three strikes

    you’re out, At the old ball game,” is still

    very much alive, especially during the

    seventh-inning stretch.

    I will always remember the wonderful and thrilling experience of taking my sons to a baseball game, where they wore a glove just hoping to catch a fly ball. Sometimes I wondered if a ball would ever reach the third tier? Still, enjoying the excitement of the crowd and the teasing aroma of peanuts, popcorn, hotdogs, hamburgers, ketchup and mustard everywhere, made us forget about the height and distance from home plate.

    Sometimes, I thought I needed a parachute or would experience a nose bleed. This feeling would disappear with the boys happily running about to eat, to the bathroom, climbing the rails and holding onto that glove just waiting to catch a fly ball. Now I ask the Newark community when did it all stop?

    Here we are complaining about our youths loitering on street corners, acts of violence and their abuse of leisure time. Well, we are failing our youths because the Newark Bears/Eagles baseball team playing at the waterfront stadium on Broad Street, continues to suffer from community support and in attendance, when attending a ball game is a marvelous alternative to our youth loitering, showing their underwear’s (degrading conduct) and performing far too many acts of violence.

    Where are our mothers and fathers, granddaddies and grandmothers, business and community leaders, community activists and just you alone grabbing a group of youths and taking them out to the ballpark, even if we fall asleep? Why can’t we fill the stands instead of filling street corners?

    Newark has a proud and rich history to celebrate. The all White Newark Bears were champions at the old Newark Rupert Stadium in 1936, and the all Black Newark Eagles were champions playing at the same stadium in 1946. Newark Rupert Stadium was packed to the roof with a well dressed crowd of fans. The only oddity is that they never played one another due to racism. Two great teams that placed Yogi Berra, Walter Johnson, Tris Speaker, Larry Doby, Monte Irvin and local star and Brick City hero Ray Danridge into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

    Now fifty years later we built a new stadium and named it Bears/Eagles Riverfront stadium hosting an integrated team of stars. Now where are all the fans for this rich baseball history? Where are all the talkers taking a bunch of youth to root for the home team where the stadium is located at a bus and subway stop on well known Broad Street?

    It’s time we stop complaining about our youth and do something about it. It’s timeto take them out to the ball game, to be with the crowd, to buy some peanuts and Cracker Jacks. It’s time for the youth and adults to join together. Let’s just do it.”


    1. Oh, shoot, I almost missed it…

      Sharpe James wrote that? A crook with no credibility? Maybe he’s also Tom Cetnar’s biographer.


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